Our counselors are diverse in experience, interests and backgrounds. At the same time they all share a strong personal commitment to their Christian faith and strive to integrate their clinical counseling skills with a Christian foundation. They are Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Professional Clinical Counselors. We also have an intern staff of associates who are graduate and post-graduate students. These pre-licensed counselors are supervised on a weekly basis by our Licensed Clinical Supervisors. 

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Our Counselors

Professional counseling staff includes licensed clinicians with a broad range of education, training, and specialization. Pre-licensed counseling staff includes Associates and Trainees. Associates have obtained their Master’s degree and are working toward licensure. Trainees are graduate students in the process of completing hours to fulfill requirements for their school and the Board of Behavioral Sciences. Both Associates and Trainees participate in ongoing professional development and are supervised weekly by licensed therapists at Berkeley Christian Counselors.

Licensed Therapists

Elisabeth Callahan, LCSW

Elisabeth Callahan, LCSW #86314

LCSW #86314


Elisabeth is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who enjoys working collaboratively with women, young adults and college students. She especially loves coming alongside women managing depression, anxiety, relational stress, questions around faith, self-esteem challenges, and life transitions. Elisabeth blends many approaches in her work, including attachment, psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), relational and strengths-based perspectives. She is grateful for the opportunity to listen to clients to help them hold and work through the experiences that shape their life journey and well-being. Elisabeth has experience working at non-profit and community-based agencies throughout the Bay Area, with people of all ages from various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Mark Farley, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Mark is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who enjoys assisting clients as they navigate the intersecting responsibilities of life that can span the domains of interpersonal, private, professional, societal and beyond. Mark believes in the fostering of a safe and comforting therapeutic space where clients can be supported in drawing on their own strengths and talents. In the spirit of collaboration, clients can express discomforts, re-discover or develop tools for coping, and outline paths forward. Mark promotes a client-centered relationship that utilizes Attachment Theory, Emotion-Focused Therapy, CBT, and Solution-Focused approaches in working with adults, young adults, and couples. He is also trained in PREPARE/ENRICH for premarital counseling.

Sarah Kasuga-Jenks, PhD

Licensed Clinician


Sarah is a licensed clinical psychologist who enjoys working with adults, children, families, and college students. She has a PhD from the California School of Professional Psychology and has trained at UCSF and UCLA as well as other community mental health centers and hospitals in the Bay Area. She works collaboratively with clients on issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, family dynamics, relationship difficulties, sexuality, grief, life transitions, spirituality, and identity. A Bay Area native, Sarah is passionate about incorporating cultural sensitivity into her work with clients. She integrates CBT, psychodynamic, multicultural, client-centered, and mindfulness approaches in her work.


Claire Kim, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


Claire is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist who loves to come alongside women in their various seasons of life and works with them through depression, anxiety, relational conflict, eating disorder, past trauma, and other women's issues. She uses various approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Attachment Theory. She also really enjoys the lively dynamic of working with couples and is a trainer in the PREPARE/ENRICH marriage counseling curriculum. Claire is also comfortable in referring to Scripture as a resource, and will do so if requested by the client. She started as an intern at Berkeley Christian Counselors in 2009 and has been here ever since.

Scott Leiker, LPCC

Licensed Clinician


Scott is sincerely grateful for the opportunity to help folks navigate moments and seasons in their lives where beauty and growth, meaning and genuine connection, can be found in even very painful or bewildering experiences.  He utilizes Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) approaches with Interpersonal, Jungian and Somatic Experiencing to help folks move from where they are now to where they want to go.  Scott is trained in Individual, Family, and Couples therapy and is always curious about how his clients are doing in relationships--"the relationship with all the various parts of yourself, the person or people closest to you, and your higher power."  Scott includes faith as much or as little as his clients wish to have it included in the work. He has been doing psychotherapeutic work since 1997.  Married in 2004, Scott and his wife were baptized into the Christian faith in 2013 after practicing Buddhism for many years.  They have trans-racially adopted two children, fostered three others, and have a child who is a "bio-surprise" as well.

Anna Loscutoff, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social worker


Anna is a licensed clinical social worker who enjoys working with children, youth, adults, couples, and families. She has worked in both schools and counseling centers in the Bay Area. Anna utilizes strength-based and cognitive behavior techniques to address anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, family dynamics, and life transitions. She is also trained in PREPARE/ENRICH for premarital counseling and enjoys working with couples. Anna is passionate about hearing her clients' stories and working together with them to heal and grow.

Jacqueline Ong, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Working from a strength-based perspective, Jacqueline is a licensed clinical social worker equipped to work with clients as they navigate life transitions, anxiety, depression, trauma, adulting, and relationships. She believes that clients often have the answers to their questions and simply require a safe space filled with empathy and honesty, to process, experience healing, and learn healthy ways to connect in the present moment. In guiding clients toward the change they seek, Jacqueline draws from a variety of approaches including self-care, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), often incorporating skills that can help with emotion regulation and distress tolerance. For work with couples, Jacqueline has been trained in PREPARE/ENRICH and is a Gottman Leader.


Libby Jackson, AMFT

Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

AMFT #137358

Libby has earned her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Holy Names University. She has a long-standing commitment and ministry to families and individuals, especially having assisted young adults preparing for university and lending them support throughout their educational careers. Libby believes that learning self-compassion and the ability to love oneself leads to healing and the ability to love others. She has worked with diverse communities and embraces the client's culture, spiritual and religious beliefs. Libby is passionate about listening to and learning about her clients, while offering them tools and skills that will support them on their journey. Libby is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #137358. She is supervised by Scott Leiker, LPCC#1213.

Randi James, AMFT


Randi has earned her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant International University and a Masters of Special Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. To support premarital and married couples, Randi is certified as a PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator. Randi is passionate about walking alongside individuals, families and couples navigating life’s many challenges such as relationship issues, stress management, health concerns, self-esteem issues and supporting families caring for children/adults with special needs and mental health concerns. The challenges that clients face are explored through a holistic mind, body and spiritual lens. Randi enjoys integrating Christian perspectives if clients are interested in doing so. Randi approaches each situation as new and unique from a nonjudgmental view, while creating an atmosphere of peace, safety, and hope. She is supervised by Scott Leiker, LPCC#1213.


Jaycell Bato, Trainee

Jaycell Bato, Trainee

Jaycell is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Counseling Psychology at California Baptist University in Riverside, CA. Simultaneously, she dedicates her full-time efforts to serving the public with the City and County of San Francisco. Prior to this, she worked part-time at a local veterinary clinic, balancing administrative responsibilities with her pursuit of a bachelor's degree in psychology at San Jose State University.


Driven by a commitment to continuous learning, Jaycell values the profound knowledge gained from her academic endeavors. While recognizing the uniqueness that each individual brings to the table, she remains adaptable, ready to assist clients in navigating the challenges they face daily. With a background in psychology and a holistic perspective on life, Jaycell is eager to help clients explore their journeys, creating a safe and supportive environment for their personal growth.

Supervised by Scott Leiker, LPCC#1213.

Joni Lacy, Trainee


Joni is in her final year of Master of Social Work at California State University, East Bay. Prior to this, she had twenty years of experience as a licensed substance abuse counselor working in residential substance abuse with diverse populations for both men and women in the non-profit sector of Contra Costa County. She considers herself a lifelong learner and is passionate about believing that change is possible with perseverance and hard work. She has a person-centered approach to therapy and empowers others to recognize their worth. Joni values transparency and diversity in thought, beliefs, opinions, likes and dislikes. She is interested in addressing trauma, stress-related issues, and substance abuse. Joni is supervised by Anna Loscutoff, LCSW 65081.

Our Administration

Our administrative staff shapes and facilitates the vision, integration, and communication for our organization.

Serena Smith, MPH, MSW, LiCSW

Serena’s greatest desire for herself, the BCC staff and clients is that we would reach a place where we can live into the fullness of who God created us to be.  She aspires that BCC is a place where clients can find words for their wounds and safety in learning and processing.  As a public health clinical social worker, Serena loves to nerd out on trauma theory/practice, spreadsheets and data analysis.  Whether coaching preschool teachers, providing parent-child therapy or evaluating programs, she consistently examines the interplay between systems and individuals.  Her dual heartbeat is expressed in her commitments to Early Childhood Mental Health, intergenerational trauma, use of anti-oppressive therapeutic frameworks, and integrative mental health.  Outside of work, Serena endeavors to decolonize her faith (i.e. through dedicated reading of POC and marginalized authors), she delights in serving within her church familia and experiencing God while hiking.  Serena is excited to see how God will bring these parts together as she serves Creator and Berkeley Christian Counselors.

Anna Loscutoff, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social worker


Anna is a licensed clinical social worker who enjoys working with children, youth, adults, couples, and families. She has worked in both schools and counseling centers in the Bay Area. Anna utilizes strength-based and cognitive behavior techniques to address anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, family dynamics, and life transitions. She is also trained in PREPARE/ENRICH for premarital counseling and enjoys working with couples. Anna is passionate about hearing her clients' stories and working together with them to heal and grow.


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